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The Sustainability Starts with Teachers programme has a number of resources that can be used by teacher educators and policy makers.

The Guidebook on Education for Sustainable Development for Educators: Effective teaching and learning in teacher education institutions in Africa has been conceived as a tool to mainstream sustainability into all aspects of teacher education and training with useful information concerning teaching, learning and assessment approaches to help achieve the ESD goals and learning outcomes.

Sustainability Starts with Teachers - Resources
Sustainability Starts with Teachers - Resources

The workshops are designed to assess how the education system, particularly teacher education, can respond to sustainability challenges via ESD. Despite efforts to include ESD and sustainable development concerns in education, gaps were identified during the consultation workshop. The workshops are thus the first step in assessing sustainability challenges and what can be done to address these.

Policy briefs have been developed for five countries to date – Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, Botswana and Namibia. Each four-page brief considers, for each country:


The CAP –ESD Brochure can be shared with others to inform them of the initiative.

Sustainability Starts with Teachers - Resources

Course Materials

The Sustainability Starts with Teachers Course Materials can also be downloaded for reference and for use by southern African teacher educators who want to orient themselves to the Sustainability Starts with Teachers programme.

The Change Project Guidelines provide guidance on how to plan an ESD Teacher Education Change Project

The Introduction and Orientation Text provides orientation to the SST Training of Trainers programme

Learning Action 1 provides orientation on how to undertake an ESD Policy, Context and Competences Review (Part 1 of the Change Project)

Learning Action 2 provides information on the Sustainable Development Goals, and critical issues that the SDGs are responding to in southern Africa. It provides guidance for reviewing local sustainable development issues in order to inform relevant teacher education responses.

Learning Action 3 provides guidance on transformative learning and transformative learning environments.  It offers tools and approaches for re-thinking teacher education and classroom pedagogy to address sustainability concerns.

Learning Action 4 provides guidance on how to design and try out assessment of significant learning in ESD. It offers an easy to use model for guiding transformative assessment practice.

Learning Action 5 offers guidance on Monitoring and Evaluation of Change Projects, and how to identify those elements of the Change Project that are worth scaling. It offers guidance on horizontal, vertical and functional scaling approaches.

E-learning library for practical activities

An e-learning library has been created which offers practical materials that can be downloaded for teacher education practices.  These can be downloaded and used by student teachers who are planning ESD teaching practices. The e-learning library holds resources that can be used by student teachers and teachers to teach ESD in Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary Schooling and TVET Education.

This resource bank has been designed for educators, education planners and practitioners and complements the UNESCO guidance document – Education for Sustainable Development Goals – Learning Objectives. It offers hundreds of pedagogical ideas for classroom activities and multimedia resources detailing how best to integrate ESD into teaching and learning, from early childhood care through secondary education.  Click on any SDG and it will take you to the relevant resource page

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